OTP version mismatch 17.0 vs 17

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OTP version mismatch 17.0 vs 17

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I am trying to (re)create a cluster between some Windows machines and some Linux machines. This has worked in the past, when I was using Erlang R16B03 on both Windows and Linux. Now I upgraded to OTP 17.0, and of course, I downloaded and installed the 17.0 version for windows as well.
Linux machines already joined the cluster, everything works well, however trying to join the first Windows machine I get the following message:

Clustering node 'rabbit@win-1' with 'rabbitmq@linux-3' ...
Error: {inconsistent_cluster,"OTP version mismatch: local node is 17.0, remote node 17"}

So, it seems that while both Erlangs are 17, they don't match as they are compared as string.
Any idea how can I work around this?

Thank you in advance,