RabbitMQ fails to start and hangs waiting on a PID file

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RabbitMQ fails to start and hangs waiting on a PID file

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Hey Everyone,

I'm running into a problem getting rabbitmq up and running and am stumped as to what the issue is.

I'm using rabbitmq 3.6.6_1 on freeBSD 10.3-RELEASE.

RabbitMQ is included in rc.conf to start up on boot. It is running inside a freebsd jail, I've disabled ipv6 on both the host machine, and the jail itself (removing ::1 from /etc/hosts as well as any ipv6 definitions in /etc/rc.conf). At this point it is a fresh install, and I'm just trying to start it up using the default configuration.

Running `service rabbitmq start` hangs with the message: starting rabbitmq. I did some further digging into the rabbitmq startup script and found that it is forever waiting on the PID file to be created in /var/run/. The log directory for rabbitmq exists, but no log files are being created on trying to start up, so I can't see any indication of where it might be failing.

Any ideas of what might cause this issue? Or where I should be looking for logs/info on what's failing?