RabbitMQ on FreeBSD and MacOS

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RabbitMQ on FreeBSD and MacOS

Maximillian Dornseif
I have some very brief blog postings describing the installation of  
RabbitMQ on FreeBSD and MacOS X. Nothing fancy there, but I thought  
it would be good to have these links in the mailing list archives for  
reference purposes

http://blogs.23.nu/c0re/stories/15658/ - FreeBSD 6.2
http://blogs.23.nu/c0re/stories/15657/ - MacOS X 10.4.10

I'm not sure about the filesystem policy in the erlang community, but  
from a FreeBSD standpoint the "correct" paths for an installation are

/var/db/rabbitmq or /var/db/rabbitmq/mnesia
/usr/local/etc/ or /usr/local/etc/rabbitmq

For MacOS it is more difficult to standartize in paths, but together  
with MacPorts stuff should go to

/var/db/rabbitmq or /var/db/rabbitmq/mnesia
/usr/local/etc or /usr/local/etc/rabbitmq



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