Template.convertAndSend returning error message after 3 minutes

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Template.convertAndSend returning error message after 3 minutes

Jose Manzoli
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I have two machines running rabbitMQ in ha-all mode. One of those machines got into a bug condition of the version 3.3.5 that starts a "broken" non-functional queue reported in this link bug queue limbo With that scenario of the locked queue my application got stuck trying to send an asynchronous message. I'm using a direct exchange with spring-amqp.


The send method is


The 3 minutes of hold was reported in our log

2016-01-13 14:54:46,680 [REFID:] [DEBUG] [] [Service] Sending message to RabbitMQ using AmqpTemplate
2016-01-13 14:57:57,637 [REFID:] [ERROR] [] [Service] Error sending message to RabbitMQ

So, is there any way to put a timeout to the method amqpTemplate.convertAndSend? I tried to find the timeout method in the documentation and there is only a timeout for the connectionFactory. In a method that is asynchronous why it got stuck for so long?