Write Regexp - user based permission to queues

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Write Regexp - user based permission to queues

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Create the UAJ RabbitMQ user with the listed permissions -:

Read Only on following queue -:
    1) UA_JHA
    2) UA_AHJ

Write only on following queue -:
    1) UA_ANA
    2) UA_DNA

I have created the user UAJ in RabbitMQ, but not able to set the permission for this user to only do read and write for queues as listed above.

Every time for Write Regexp


 it is giving me error as below -:

403 ACCESS_REFUSED - access to exchange 'amq.default' in vhost '/' refused for user 'UAJ'

I changed the Write Regexp as below to get rid of the above error, but not sure if it is fulfilling my requirement-:


Please help me in achieving my goal.

Thanks a lot in advance