compiling ejabberd's source code usind rebar

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compiling ejabberd's source code usind rebar

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I wanted to install ejabberd on aws linux instance and for that I needed to compile ejabberd source code using rebar.
I opened git bash and downloaded the sourcecode of ejabberd from
git clone git:// ejabberd

then went to cd ejabberd
and when I tried ./autogen then i got

$ ./
./ line 2: aclocal: command not found
./ line 3: autoconf: command not found

and on using apt-get it was command not found

Abhishek@DESKTOP-RI8MDR6 MINGW64 ~/ejabberd (master)
$ apt-get install automake
bash: apt-get: command not found

I then installed the dependencies using ./rebar get-deps

But i am not sure how to proceed now
I did rebar co in the git bash and it gives the following error

==> cache_tab (compile)
Compiled src/ets_cache_options.erl
Compiled src/cache_tab_sup.erl
Compiled src/cache_tab_app.erl
Compiled src/cache_tab.erl
Compiled src/ets_cache.erl
Compiling c:/Users/Abhishek/ejabberd/deps/cache_tab/c_src/ets_cache.c
'cl.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
ERROR: compile failed while processing c:/Users/Abhishek/ejabberd/deps/cache_tab: rebar_abort