queue declaration takes >2.5 seconds

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queue declaration takes >2.5 seconds

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On a 3-node cluster of rabbitmq 3.6.10, erlang 9.3 queue declare operation takes 2.5 seconds
This is happening only in our prod env and no other env and need some help to figure out what to attribute this to

testing with rabbitmqadmin tried following parameters and they call consistently take ~2.5 seconds
tried durable=false/true,  --host=localhost

without running trace, is there any other troubleshooting we can do ?


====update to this post

so after much brainstorming .. found that  applying queue-master-locator= client-local OR random  speeds up queue declaration to  70ms

it makes some sense that  min-masters is more costly than random.. but 2500 vs 70 ms .. something pathological seems to be going on

we were recently able to turn off stats in 3.6.10 version.. is it maybe related to this?